We have our own hair collectors. We guarantee 100% virgin hair never tangled, one direction hair!!
We are the first & largest company in Argentina for natural hair selling.



What is so special about us?

We only deal with virgin hair, we never process hair, we do not know how to process hair and we don't work with any kind of hair except our 100% virgin South American hair!!
We are the first and largest company in Argentina and the region, to create a wide chain of hair collectors and branches. Our hair collectors travel all over the land, visiting cities, villages and farms, far away from home, far away from us, and then, come back with the hair, rest for a few days and go out again to find new places and new hair.

All virgin natural hair wigs are made with a multidirectional silicone (skin) implant so that direction of the hair can be changed. In hair implants, hair by hair are inserted by hand. This advanced technique makes it possible to imitate human scalp so that our company can provide our clients with a product that meets their wishes and needs.

We are located in the north of Argentina, 1700 km. from the capital, Buenos Aires, where we have a retail and wholesale store as we do in 5 cities in Argentina.

In our main office we check and classify the hair, washing it, take out the egg and grey (which we do not have much), we comb the hair, measure it and ship it to all destinations.

A part of the hair goes to “wefting”, bleaching, to our wig factory and to the keratin extensions workers.
We never buy tangled hair as we have our collectors and our strict instructions to our collectors, “cut the hair by yourself” “if some hair fell down to the floor, leave it there”. This way we avoid any problem of tangled hair and assure zero percent of tangle hair.

We are dedicated only to the virgin hair marketplace, we never process hair and we don't know how to process. We may only bleach hair for our clients needs. Our hair is “just cutted” and we only have South American hair.

We sell abroad only in wholesale but soon we intend to start retail sales too.

Shipment: we ship the hair and the hair products by DHL and by Fedex to every destination you may need the pack to be sent.
Payment: bank transfers to our account. Soon, when we will start our retail sales, we will accept also credit cards payment.
Supply time: usually we provide the hair in bulk within 2 days, plus 4-5 days of shipping. As for wefts and hair extensions orders, we may supply within 2 days if we have in stock and up to 10 days if we have to prepare a special order.

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